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About me

Hi! My name is Alena. I live in Hamburg and create beautiful authentic macramé wall hangings. I have always loved making things with my hands. I loved cross-stitching and helping my grandmother sew, and crafts and art classes at school were some of my favourites. 

I happened to be in hospitals a lot when I was a child.  There were no smartphones and my mother and I drew, made handicrafts, and she taught me to knit and embroider, so I wouldn't be bored.  I was not allowed to run, jump and do all the things that usual children do at their 6-7 years, but I went to a bead-weaving and soft toys making club. 

In high school and university, my interest in handicrafts took a back seat. It was replaced by travelling and organising student events, from parties to conferences. I met my future husband at one of these events, and almost two years after we met, I moved to Hamburg. 

The passion for macramé came to me out of a desire to decorate our common home, to make it cosy and aesthetic. I love it when the place where I live is filled with unique, distinctive things with history.  They inspire and fill me. I believe that surrounding ourselves with beautiful things makes our everyday lives brighter. 

I want every home to have something that makes it special. In my studio, I create wall hangings that can become something special for your home.